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Asheville Kitchen Cabinets To Suit Every Style & Budget

Decorate your living space with high quality and beautiful kitchen cabinets by Wellborn Cabinets. As one of HomeSource Design Centers exclusive cabinet lines, you will find wonderful collections kitchen cabinets that will perfectly correspond to your interior design style, needs and budget. The quality will exceed all your expectations, and more often than not, the… Read more »

Choose A Paint Color With This App

Colorsnap® an app available in iTunes and Google Play, allows you to choose or match a paint color anywhere. Capturing color inspiration wherever it strikes, Sherwin-Williams gives you have the power to take real-world colors and turn them into paint-color swatches—all on your smartphone. With the app you can match your favorite ocean, mountain field, or flower… Read more »

Gone to the Dogs – Pet Bath For Your Home

Asheville is a dog town, so why not consider your four-legged family member during your next remodel. Incorporating a pet bath or dog friendly shower in your home is great for all the Asheville seasons! A perfect place to put your dog bath is the mudroom or laundry room. This concept below is one of… Read more »

9 Tips to Keep Your Asheville Home Cozy & Warm This Winter

Turn your Asheville home into a cozy winter haven. Save energy and keep warm with these  Asheville home tips to keep you & your home in good spirits this winter. 1. Clean dirty light fixtures and dusty bulbs to make your Asheville home appear 30% brighter without turning on more lights. 2. Seal sneaky air leaks. It’s not… Read more »

The Perfect Asheville Home Office

Even if you don’t work at home, your partner or your best friend probably does. The shift in communications and information technology has created a new work lifestyle that demands a home office. At minimum an Asheville home office should have a personal computer, a printer and modest file storage. Those who work mostly at… Read more »

Inspiring Walk-In Closet Systems

A cramped closet stuffed with a thicket of shirts, skirts and trousers makes dressing a struggle and leaves clothes crumpled and damaged. Which is why so many of us would love a walk-in closet, paired with the perfect closet system. The last word in style in the clothes storage world, these supersize closets allow you… Read more »

Asheville Bamboo Flooring

If you’re thinking of upgrading the flooring in your home or considering what kind of flooring to use in your new construction, you have likely considered using bamboo. It is stylish and alluring, as well as being durable and sustainable. With the growing desire for eco-friendly features in a home, bamboo flooring is great for… Read more »

Top 8 Asheville Home Remodeling Mistakes

Asheville home remodeling home source design center

1) Buying Cheap Materials- One of the biggest mistakes that people make when it comes to home remodeling is that they try to be cheap when they buy materials. The bottom line is, you’re going to get what you pay for. 2) Inaccurate Measurements Nancy Soriano, former editor in chief of Country Living magazine says,… Read more »

Uniquely You- Wellborn Cabinets For Your Asheville Kitchen Remodeling Project

Dreaming and creating a style that is uniquely you has never been easier. Your Asheville kitchen remodeling projectwith Wellborn cabinetry and the HomeSource Design Center will provide comfort knowing you stayed on budget, chose a great product… something your entire family will be proud of. *Strength collides with Beauty *Function meets Fashion *Selection meets Style… Read more »

8 Stylish Kitchen Sinks

These 8 kitchen sinks will add style to your kitchen remodel or renovation. Don’t underestimate the style impact of your kitchen sink. It’s worth going beyond the basics for this kitchen workhorse. There are hundreds of design elements that can make your kitchen beautiful, but the sink can really set the stage. Consider one of… Read more »