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Repaint Your Bedroom with 8 Must-See Design and Color Ideas

Learn about 8 Inspiring Colors & Design Themes for your Bedroom Do you dread your bedroom or find it a bit boring? Repainting your bedroom can be an easy and less expensive way to create a relaxing and stylish sanctuary. Bedroom paint can dramatically transform not just the design of your space but also your… Read more »

Inspiring Walk-In Closet Systems

A cramped closet stuffed with a thicket of shirts, skirts and trousers makes dressing a struggle and leaves clothes crumpled and damaged. Which is why so many of us would love a walk-in closet, paired with the perfect closet system. The last word in style in the clothes storage world, these supersize closets allow you… Read more »

How to Make Small Spaces Seem Bigger

Get more from small spaces by fooling the eye, maximizing its use and taking advantage of space-saving furniture When I was 8 years old, I got my first bedroom. It wasn’t much bigger than a walk-in closet — in fact, it’s used as a closet today — but I loved it back then because it… Read more »