Repaint Your Bedroom with 8 Must-See Design and Color Ideas

Learn about 8 Inspiring Colors & Design Themes for your Bedroom

Do you dread your bedroom or find it a bit boring? Repainting your bedroom can be an easy and less expensive way to create a relaxing and stylish sanctuary. Bedroom paint can dramatically transform not just the design of your space but also your mood. Understandably, a lot of homeowners are worried about the task of repainting their bedrooms. But with the right aesthetic bedroom inspirations, the task can be so much easier and exciting. Here are eight color suggestions and bedroom design ideas to inspire your creativity.

  1. 1. Elevate taupe with wood and bronze.











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Taupe is a great color that can be a perfect foundation for those who love a mix of tradition and modern elegance. It falls between the colors brown and gray, making it interesting and far from being one-dimensional. However, because of the combination of undertones, taupe can be a tricky color for the bedroom. One of the best aesthetic design inspirations for a stylish taupe bedroom is to add warmth and industrial appeal with materials such as wood and bronze. A taupe wall with wood accents and a metallic lighting fixture can make a bedroom more appealing and inviting.


  1. 2. Enliven neutrals with a pop of art.












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A lot of bedrooms are neutral-colored, yet not all can be considered stylish and relaxing. Neutral tones such as beige and white can look bland and unimaginative. When cleverly done, however, neutral colors can give you the look you’ve always dreamed of. An easy way to create visual interest to a neutral room is to add artwork. Inject personality to your off-white walls, cream furnishings, and pristine bed foam with a well-placed art piece. There are plenty of inspiring ways to display art in a neutral room, from using a bright-colored painting to adding variously shaped frames. Keep the scale and colors of the artwork in mind to ensure that it will complement rather than disturb your space.


  1. 3. Bring in the calm with blue.

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Did you know that people with blue bedrooms get more sleep? According to Chris Idzikowski of the Edinburgh Sleep Centre, key receptors in the eyes respond most to the color blue. Its no wonder that blue is often associated with calmness and relaxation. Think of how you feel when you look at the azure seas and the clear, blue sky. Painting your bedroom blue can help you sleep better and be at ease. Consider unusual shades of blue such teal, sapphire, and cerulean for a more interesting design scheme.


  1. 4. Add texture to brown with a white headboard.


Photo courtesy Mary Whitney via Pexels

Make your bedroom look cozy and welcoming with brown. Brown is often overlooked in bedroom design, but it’s actually a versatile color. It offers a wide array of design possibilities. Combine brown with white to create an earthy-toned bedroom that feels rich and airy at the same time. A chic contrast to a brown wall is an upholstered white headboard. Make sure to complete your haven with a quality foam mattress. Investing in memory foam ensures you have better sleep and a dream-worthy space. This design and color combination can feel luxurious and reminiscent of high-end homes and opulent hotels.


  1. 5. Cozy up with warm pink and lavender.

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Warm pink is a hot color trend for 2016—and rightly so. It’s a color that is bold enough without being harsh. When you think of pink, images of tacky and juvenile rooms can likely come to mind. When used thoughtfully, however, pink is actually a very sophisticated and versatile color. Combine pink with a touch of purple hues like lavender to create a rustic vibe that still looks chic. When in doubt, go warmer or paler. Avoid using bright pink, as it can be too jarring for the eyes.


  1. 6. Consider a personalized wall mural.












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Want something extra special? Consider a personalized wall mural. You can definitely up the ante of your bedroom-repainting project with a wall mural. It can be any design you want, from nature themes to more daring ones such as abstract art. Choose the best area in your bedroom and have a professional do the job for you. Custom graphic painters typically charge between $20 to $50 per hour, depending on the design. There is usually a separate charge for the cost per square foot for the wall mural itself. Low intricacy designs can cost around $10 per sq. ft., while higher intricacy designs can go up to $20 per sq. ft. You can also make your wall mural project a DIY effort if you have the artistic chops.


  1. 7. Tone down red with luxurious maroon.












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You can paint your bedroom red, but use caution. Red is a passionate color, but too much of it can overwhelm your senses. Being the most intense color, red can pump up the energy level of your bedroom. While bright red hues can be too stimulating for the bedroom, darker shades can look lavish and relaxing. Choose muted shades of red like maroon to lessen the natural intensity of the color. Maroon and similar shades like merlot and currant can create a feeling of relaxing richness. You can go a bit brighter but offset the tone with proper lighting. Install a dimmer so you can play up the different tones of red with soft lighting.


  1. 8. Soothe the room with serene white.


Photo courtesy LilyRose97 via Flickr

You can make statement with white. What’s important is you incorporate a variety of textures and patterns to avoid making your room cold and almost clinical. Monochromatic white walls can be tricky, so make the palette work by using soft, complementary shades of the color. The carpet and some of the beddings, for example, can be cream or deep gold. Adding reflective materials such as a mirror above the bed will also add dimension and bounce off light around your space.

Choosing the right aesthetic paint for your bedroom can truly elevate your space and make it perfect for relaxation. Play with these eight color and design suggestions to create your own unique oasis. No matter the paint color, choose a palette that most comfortably responds to your artistic senses.


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